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Lyte Ladders introduces new Products in Use concept

Lyte Ladders’ range of industrial towers was launched in 2002. It grew in 2004 with the launch of its folding tower, and continues to grow year after year, with more welded products being added to the range. Lyte prides itself on its relationships ... 
9 November 2018

Bedec's "unbeatable" multi-surface paint

Bedec’s multi-surface paint (MSP) has been on the market for 30 years now and remains unbeaten, says the company. The water-based paint is designed to have outstanding flexibility that helps resist flaking or peeling. MSP can be used over most other ... 
9 November 2018

Crown trade solves problems with Clean Extreme range

There’s set to be plenty to see and do at this year’s National Painting and Decorating Show with Crown Trade showcasing its problem-solving Clean Extreme range of scrubbable matt and washable acrylic eggshell paints. The creative design of the stand ... 
9 November 2018

Plastikote to launch new range at National Painting and Decorating Show

Plastikote says, if you’re visiting The National Painting and Decorating Show at the end of this month, look out for its brand new range from spray paints that promise to be a game-changer in the world of painting and decorating. PlastiKote is ... 
9 November 2018

Liberon to showcase products at National Painting & Decorating show

Liberon will be using the National Painting & Decorating Show this year to showcase its broad range of woodcare products both for outdoor and indoor application. For outdoor use, visitors to the show will be able to see the Liberon selection of ... 
9 November 2018

High quality hardware products from Centurion

Centurion says retailers need look no further for high-quality hardware products backed up with excellent sales support and customer service. The company continues to work hard on providing retailers with a quality Centurion branded hardware range ... 
9 November 2018

Extensive range from Plasplugs

Plasplugs offers a comprehensive range of fixings from plastic plugs to metal bolts – solutions for fixing anything from a picture to a climbing frame. Using the latest technology, Plasplugs extensive range is suitable for a variety of wall types ... 
9 November 2018

Oval screws from Plasplugs

Ovalok from Plasplugs is the perfect screw for all woods, MDF, plastic, sheet metal and masonry, says the company. Unlike oth er screws, the oval shape creates a strong, firm connection which locks in place with no rotating or lifting, clamping ... 
9 November 2018

Kasp introduces new range of hasps and staples

Kasp’s new range of hasps and staples is designed to complement its range of padlocks and is available in three security levels – low, medium and high – plus a 10 year guarantee against defects. Included in the range are the Kasp 210 series, a ... 
9 November 2018

Secure smart standards

The new TS621:2018 standard, created by the Door and Hardware Federation, has been adopted as the recognised standard for smart locks by the British Standard Institute (BSI), and has received the coveted Kitemark status.The Conexis L1 from Yale is ... 
6 November 2018

Centurion promises personalised sales support

Centurion promises quality products, excellent customer service and personalised sales support, asking to be your go-to supplier throughout December and into 2019. Centurion currently has some great promotions running across a number of ranges ... 
26 October 2018

Super Smart Lawn Feed from Johnsons

Johnsons Lawn Seed’s Super Smart Lawn Feed is a brand-new product that contains a unique formula that cannot currently be found in any other feed, according to the company. The new ingredient, Azospirillum bacteria, fixes nitrogen from the ... 
26 October 2018

Avron introduces Dekton Power tools

Avron has announced the introduction of Dekton Power – a range of high-quality power tools all with three-year warranties - to the Avron portfolio. From small fixes to big fixes, the extensive range offers a great compact and concise range of power ... 
26 October 2018

Mellerud provides a range of powerful cleaning solutions

Mellerud, is a range of powerful cleaning solutions that are design to get stubborn cleaning jobs done first time, every time. Products are formulated to tackle specific cleaning tasks, whether that’s kitchen, bathroom, garden or even caravan ... 
26 October 2018

Zep presents mould and mildew stain remover

The Zep Commercial mould & mildew stain remover is a ready-to-use, professional strength formula that quickly dissolves stains caused by mould and mildew. It uses the power of bleach to safely whiten surfaces, such as fibreglass, tiles and ... 
26 October 2018

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When are the general public going to realise, that every so called brand or celebrity named product is all to often, a low cost Chinese ...

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Professional trades man with a full range of tools from Poundland. My favourite is my spirit level never lets me down. I like going on a ...

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