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Millennials struggling with DIY in lockdown

Published: 31 March 2020 - Alex Fordham

The UK is officially under lockdown, which means people will have more time on their hands for the foreseeable future.

Tradesmen directory wanted to assess just how uneasy British millennials feel with the prospect of having to do their own DIY jobs.


Unsurprisingly, ‘Any DIY shops open’ has had the most searches on Google, experiencing a staggering +1,000% increase.

Other notable Google Trends Brits have queried over the last seven days include:

‘B&Q click and collect’ = +950%

‘Any DIY shops open today’ = +750%

‘DIY stores open near me’ = +650%

To further complement the findings, MyJobQuote surveyed 1073 British millennials to determine how many basic handyman tools they can name as they begin to task themselves with DIY jobs.

From the 1,073 surveyed, millennials on average could not name 8 out of 15 tools. tTe most difficult tools Millennials couldn’t name were:

Bench Wise – 98%

Calliper – 94%

Bar Clamp – 89%

Jigsaw – 88%

Industrial Shears – 86%

surprising tools millennials couldn’t name were:

Wood Chisel – 82%

Level – 73%

Hacksaw – 65%

Wrench – 60%


Chainsaw – 100%

Hammer – 100%

Screwdriver – 100%

Drill – 3%

Wire Cutters – 15%

Men were able to name more tools than women. While women were only able to come up with the correct name 2% of the time on average, men boasted a slightly higher percentage: 6%. Apart from the chainsaw, hammer and screwdriver, the tools men and women were able to identify most were the drill (99% men, 95% women) and the wrench (88% men, 62% women). When it comes to the most unfamiliar tools, differences between the two sexes begin to show. The four tools which were least recognisable (bench wise, calliper, bar clamp and jigsaw) were all named by male respondents. The average age of these respondents was 65. Furthermore, while 80% of men correctly named the sledgehammer, only 50% of women managed to do the same. 

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