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Everbuild introduces PinkGrip

PinkGrip from Everbuild - A Sika Company is specifically formulated for the professional user; PinkGrip will stick just about anything on a building site both internally and externally. From concrete blocks and plaster coving to skirting boards and ... 
8 March 2019

Easy application and removal from Command

Command Products have been very successful during seasonal celebrations and events, thanks to their easy application and removal. Command hooks and strips use 3M adhesive to hold strongly, yet they remove cleanly, so are ideal for temporary ... 
22 February 2019

Twinkly lights range from Festive Lights

The LED Works’ revolutionary Twinkly range will be sold exclusively in the UK by Festive Lights Ltd. With products including fairy lights and curtain lights, and with icicle and festoon lights being launched this year, Twinkly lights are fast ... 
22 February 2019

Curtain accessories from Sunflex

Swish Soho from Sunflex is a mixed media aesthetic in 28mm curtain poles with a very authentic and appealing textured woodgrain effect in various shades across light, medium and dark tones. The combination of the softer pole paired with high-... 
22 February 2019

Black & Decker introduce multipower pet vacuum

The Black & Decker 21.6v Mulitpower pet vacuum is ideal for pet owners tackling fur ingrained in carpets, rugs and furniture. The special anti-tangle beater bar is designed to lift pet hair with ease. The end user has the option to add a cotton-... 
22 February 2019

18v hammer drill from Stanley Black & Decker

The Black & Decker 18v hammer drill kitbox BCD700S1K-GB features a compact two-gear hammer drill for screwdriving, drilling and hammer-drilling into wood, metal and masonry. An all metal motor and gearbox deliver 21000 BPM for hammer drilling ... 
22 February 2019

Anti-slip coat decking oil from Barrettine

Barrettine says its anti-slip top coat decking oil is a premium quality top coat oil, incorporating anti-slip technology, which improves grip on decking, handrails and wooden steps. It oils and protects, providing a low-sheen finish. With added UV ... 
22 February 2019

Zep introduces multi-task wipes

The Zep Commercial multi task wipes are made from a heavy-duty material that is saturated with a high tech and high performance cleaning solution that has been antibacterial tested to BSEN1276: 1997 standards - perfect for use in kitchens and ... 
22 February 2019

Heavy-duty degreaser from Zep

Zep Commercial heavy-duty citrus degreaser helps clean tough grease and grime. This powerful, multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser is made with natural citrus solvents, which not only deodorises as it cleans, but also leaves a pleasant citrus scent ... 
22 February 2019

Make bathrooms gleam with Zep bath and tile cleaner

The Zep Commercial shower, bath & tile cleaner promises to make surfaces in the bathroom gleam. The product has been specifically formulated to quickly breakdown and dissolve mineral deposits, soap scum, general dirt, rust and hard water scale ... 
22 February 2019

Mould & Mildew stain remover from Zep

The Zep Commercial mould & mildew stain remover is a ready-to-use, professional-strength formula that quickly dissolves stains caused by mould and mildew. It uses the power of bleach to safely whiten surfaces, such as fibreglass, tiles and ... 
22 February 2019

Acana carpet & moth killer packs a punch

The Acana carpet & fabric moth killer & freshener is a licensed insecticide killing product, not just a repellent, says the company. The product works hand in hand with the new Acana carpet moth trap as an instant action killer for any moths,... 
8 February 2019

High-quality pest control from Barrettine

Romax Rodent Seal from Barrettine uses a high-quality industrial sealant in a patented mix of stainless steel fibres. The benefits of such ‘wire wool’, plus proofing materials, has long been known but, for the first time, they’ve been combined to ... 
8 February 2019

Carpet moth trap joins Acana range

The Acana carpet moth trap & refill are the latest addition to the company’s system of care moth range. It has been developed specially to attract and trap carpet moths without the use of harsh chemicals, and has the added benefit of also ... 
8 February 2019

Ultra Power range from STV

STV, specialist supplier of home and garden pest control products, has launched the new-look Ultra Power range offering comprehensive control of rodent and insect pests ‘Like The Professionals Use’.Ultra Power DIY pest control solutions are best-in-... 
8 February 2019

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