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Top reasons to upgrade your home to double glazing

Published: 9 March 2022 - James Mead

With energy prices set to rise by £693 for 22 million people in April this year, the gas and electricity price cap is the highest it has ever been1 – so now is the perfect time to be thinking about how you can reduce energy usage in your home.


Home improvements company, Stormclad advises that investing in double glazing is one of the most affordable, effective and hassle-free ways a homeowner can save money on heating bills.

John Evans, managing director at Stormclad, said: “Over 80% of homes in England have double glazed windows, and for good reason. There is nothing worse than constantly battling with your thermostat because the temperature in your home keeps fluctuating, and then forking out on pricey bills to cover the cost of energy you didn’t want to use in the first place.

“Homeowners want peace of mind that their home is economical, is going to keep them warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months, and at all an affordable price – and double glazing can certainly help with this. That’s why we have put together four top reasons why homeowners should upgrade their property, if they haven’t already.”


  1. Greener means cheaper

According to The Energy Saving Trust, by installing A rated double glazing to windows in an entirely single-glazed semi-detached gas heated property, homeowners can save £95 a year and 330kg of carbon dioxide2.

Double glazed windows include two dense layers of glass that surround a section filled with intelligent gas, which are encompassed by tightly fitted window frames that incorporate spacer bars and thermal breaks. These elements all work cohesively to eliminate any heat from escaping, or cold air entering, and control the temperature of a home as the seasons change. It is therefore not surprising that double glazed windows reduce window heat loss by 74%3.

The energy ratings for double glazed windows vary, ranging from “C” – the legal minimum standard now permitted for installers – to “A++” rated windows. The formula that calculates the letter rating takes into account the window’s overall thermal efficiency, air leakage and solar gain i.e. how much heat from the sun passes through the window4 - the higher the rating, the better the overall performance. 

Homeowners should however bear in mind that certain window designs can make achieving energy efficiency in the home a little trickier – sash windows, for example, due to the frame panel across the middle of the glass, will have a higher probability of air leaking out as opposed to casement windows. The frame of a window is also something to think about. Some frame materials will be better insulators than others - such as wood - and if the window itself is particularly small, the frame could start to encroach on the energy efficiency of the glass i.e. the greater the glass surface area of a window – compared to that of the frame - the better (if it’s double glazed, of course).


  1. Peace and quiet

Whilst double glazed windows are much greener for the environment, and at the same time save homeowners money on energy bills, double glazed windows are very successful in soundproofing homes, too. Homeowners living by busy roads with passing traffic may therefore benefit from double glazed windows, to help limit unwanted outside noise. A home should be a private, relaxed and uninterrupted space – double glazed windows will help homeowners keep it that way.


  1. Safe and secure

Another advantage of investing in double glazed windows is the level of increased security in your home. Products that use a single system are easily forceable, leaving homes vulnerable to unwanted intruders. A shatterproof double glazed window, with brand new toughened glass will make it a lot harder for thieves to make an unwelcome visit.

That being said, no amount of glass panels alone will keep intruders out, so it is worthwhile homeowners investing in quality window locking systems, hinges, internal beading and perhaps even some window restrictors for good measure.


  1. Looking good

Finally, double glazed windows undeniably give any property a bit of a face lift as often when homeowners upgrade to double glazing, that means new window frames and a new overall look. Usually windows that don’t already have double glazing are older and most likely quite worn; they may also have a buildup of mould around the outside of the frame due to condensation and moisture issues.

Homes with up-to-date fixtures and fittings can increase its value by as much as 10%5, so double glazed windows are more than worth the investment.


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