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The DIY tasks saving Brits over £8,000

Published: 14 January 2021 - Neil Mead

Starting the new year off as you mean to go on can mean many things, but for 31% of Brits saving money is a top priority and a common resolution. 1 in 10 also commit to making a resolution to decorate or renovate their homes at some point during the year. 


While it is tempting to call out a handyman to deal with some of the maintenance and renovations your home may need, Brits have got a DIY bug with searches for “home renovations” and “home improvement” up 70% and 90% respectively in the last 12 months.

According to the trade experts, Dickies Workwear, by doing some of the jobs themselves Brits could save up to £8,700 – depending on the rooms they tackle – costing little more than time and dedication!

Brits continue to prioritise DIY around their homes 

As we continue to spend most of our time at home, searches for DIY projects remain popular around the UK. However, there are still six areas still searching for DIY topics the most:

  1. Stoke-On-Trent
  2. Plymouth
  3. Bristol
  4. Liverpool
  5. Sheffield
  6. Derby

Top DIY jobs that can help maintain the home

Modernising the kitchen - Saving: Upwards of £3k

If you’ve fallen out of love with the colour or the style of your kitchen cabinets, replacing them could set you back upwards of £3k, and that doesn’t include countertops or fitting. While it may be simpler to find the ones you want, a more cost-effective approach would be to refresh them by painting them to leave you with a more desirable colour and finish.

Stripping, prepping and wallpapering - Saving: £736.80

It will take a professional up to 30 hours to thoroughly strip, prep and wallpaper walls for an average-sized room, which could cost you over £700. Although it can be tricky to avoid bubbles and make sure the paper is aligned, particularly if you have picked a pattern, the savings and satisfaction of doing it yourself can be rewarding.

Retitling - Saving: £147.36

Much like woodwork, tiles can be painted to give them a new lease of life and refreshed colour, which could save you plenty of money and time in the long run. However, should you want to replace tiles altogether hiring a professional could set you back almost £150. Though fiddly, it can be done by an amateur with a bit of practice and patience. 

Clearing guttering and drains - Saving: £125 (on average)

With all the wind and rain, it’s important to make sure gutters are cleared for water to remain free-flowing. Although prices can vary depending on the size and style of a property, on average, it can cost £125 to have drains and gutters cleared by a tradesperson. Instead, invest in some gutter brushes, which only need to be replaced once every five years, and can help ensure there’s no build-up of debris or leaves!

Refreshing paint - Saving: £196.48

For those who don’t opt for wallpaper, repainting walls and ceilings can be easier and cheaper. Refreshing paint in spaces and rooms, such as hallways, can help maintain the areas for longer while doing it yourself can save you nearly £200.

Blocking draughts - Saving: £4,500 (on average)

Even with double glazing draughts can become common, as their efficiency can reduce over time. Choosing to get new double glazed windows/doors can set you back in the region of £4,500. However, opting for draught-proofing strips will block out the draught for only a fraction of the price, while also prevent 15-20% of your heating escaping over winter.

For more tips on maintaining your home on a lower budget, and what jobs you can do yourself, visit the Dickies Workwear blog here.



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