Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is truly incredible

Published: 16 January 2022 - Neil Mead

Once again a revolutionary solution and product has been introduced to the industry by the creators of CT1. The landscape of sealants and adhesives was dramatically changed 18 years ago when CT1 was first introduced. CT1 were also the first to introduce and coin the term “Hybrid Polymer.”


Realising that the technology was increasingly dated, CT1 blew the industry away once again with the introduction of TRIBRID technology. The TRIBRID advancements are ground breaking. Now three times stronger than regular Hybrid Polymers, it also has much longer colour retention. A gripe that many tradespeople had with many hybrids on the market is that the white would discolour over time and the clear would often turn yellow. After considerable research and development, CT1 and its unique TRIBRID technology have solved these problems and they are no longer an issue.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is truly incredible. Based on CT1’s TRIBRID technology, it eliminates fixings and has instant grab on large vertical bonding. It is fair to say that before now that if you asked your builder or construction project manager if they had a liquid product to bond and replace mechanical fixings, there would be no suggestion available. Until now, that is. Power Grab ‘n’ Bond replaces mechanical fixings and is the ultimate chemical fix. It reduces labour significantly - up to 50%.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond was originally created for facades and heavy stone work. Its versatility and power has now been widely adopted by shopfitting installers, kitchen installers, for outside stone work, façades, quoins, landscape and all round building work.


Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is solvent free, with exceptionally high initial grab, followed by an incredible structural bond. It can be applied to concrete, most stones (without staining), ceramics, marble, wood, MDF, polystyrene, fiberglass, gypsum board, metals, lead, glass, mirror, plastics (except for PP, PE and PTFE). This unique product has also been tested by UKAS accredited lab to BS EN 12003 - shear test and BE EN 1308 - slip resistant.

The advancements in fixings is game changing. In addition to saving hours of labour and costs, Power Grab ‘n’ Bond can now replace conventional methods of adhesion, which relied on a two component epoxy mix which caused all sorts of problems. Not only was it temperamental - if the right mix was not achieved - but also, depending on the weight of the slab, each one then might then need to be supported by drilling in ties. As well as all of this, full cure can be anything between 24 and 42 hours.  

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond does not have any of these disadvantages. Quite simply is it the ultimate one component product for heavy duty vertical bonding. Using a heavy duty caulking gun, it enables the user to apply the product straight from the cartridge, wait four to five minutes and then fix directly onto the wall. There is absolutely no need for additional fixings, allowing phenomenal results in the initial grab and together with rapid curing will reduce labour time by 50%.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is Made in Britain with British Technology and British Design and many applications for this product are being publicised and applauded.

Now available in all Travis Perkins branches nationwide, Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is even easier to access and see local demonstrations and technical advice and applications. Go to your nearest Travis Perkins branch today



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