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Plasplugs loses out to power dispute

Published: 1 July 2009
Refusal to connect electricity costs firm dear
Plasplugs loses out to power dispute
Recently-resurrected manufacturer Plasplugs was unable to ship as much as £100,000 worth of orders in June because it has been unable to get its power switched on.

Plasplugs went into administration in March this year, owing more than £5m in bank loans against a turnover of £18m a year. However, Stuart Turner and his son Neale, both former directors of the firm, acquired the business and assets of Plasplugs through their newly formed company Turner Intl Limited (TIL).

The firm was due to start trading again almost immediately with up to a third of the previous workforce. However, it was prevented from trading and manufacturing by a lack of power, which made using computers and telephones impossible and even stopped workers opening the front doors.

According to local newspaper The Burton Mail, the problem lay with an electricity broker rumoured to have been demanding a £48,000 bond before reconnecting the supply.

Recent reports, however, suggest that the company may have had a change of heart and that an electrician has subsequently called Plasplugs to arrange switching the power back on.


Published prior to March 2014
By The Whole Town agree
There is no poor Turner family, just poor former employees who's lifes went down the pan, i doubt the turners have lost their homes due to not paying a mortgage like others in this downturn. No one should deal with the Turners again EVER!!
Published prior to March 2014
By Are you kidding me?
Why you continue to publish stories about the "Poor Turner family" is beyond me? Shall we feel sorry for them or for their supplier who is concerned about getting "stiffed" on payment again? After all, they have shown their true colors, defaulting on payments to so many (including employees and long time business associates) and then grabbing back the assets at a super low price. Everyone should refuse to do business with them again, even with cash in advance. They have shown their true colors. If you have so much personal greed as to commence dealing with them, than you deserve to be taken a second time. People like this don't deserve a second chance. Don't be crazy and give it to them. Why would they be successful this time around when they failed so miserably the last?

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