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Meet every need with Werner 12-in-1

Published: 26 June 2018

That ever-growing list of jobs around the house and garden could be made much easier with Werner’s 12-in-1 multipurpose ladder. Whether it’s painting the stairway, trimming the hedges or clearing the gutter, this handy ladder suits every need.


The super versatile ladder can be adapted into 12 different configurations, making it perfect for any home or garden DIY job without taking up too much room in the garage or shed.

For times when you may need to change a light bulb, put up shelves or hang pictures, the ladder can be used in a classic stepladder formation with a maximum height of 1.65m, giving easy access to the job from both sides.

Not stopping there, the 12-in-1 can be adapted to form an extension ladder with a maximum height of 3.38m for times when you may need to reach a higher area, such as refreshing the outside of your house with a lick of paint.

If you’ve been meaning to clear your gutters or see to your window fittings for a while, the 12-in-1 can be handily transformed into a stand-off ladder to allow you to safely access those areas. To put your mind at ease, a stabiliser bar ensures maximum safety at all times. Not only that, but the highly versatile nature of the ladder means that in instances where the stand-off may not be required, it can be used as both a 1.2m and 1.6m ladder for various other jobs.

There are certain garden tasks, like trimming hedges or cutting back trees, which may require a low-level platform to allow you to access those hard-to-reach branches. The 12-in-1 comes complete with a removable slip-resistant aluminium platform that can be easily attached using a simple click lock hinge system. With a maximum height of 0.96m and an upper load capacity of 150kg, it is the perfect solution for safely getting those gardening jobs ticked off your list!

Not forgetting the indoor jobs too, the 12-in-1 suits a huge variety of DIY jobs around the house. If you’re planning on refreshing the stairway with a new coat of paint or maybe hanging up some frames, make sure you’re doing it as safely as possible with the 12-in-1’s stairway configuration. It can be easily secured to almost any staircase to let you safely and securely reach areas above the stairs.

Last but not least, the 12-in-1’s compact size means it can be easily stored away or transported in the back of a car if necessary.


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