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Design trends: Lagom vs Hygge – How to update homes in 2021 to integrate the latest Scandinavian trends

Published: 28 January 2021 - Neil Mead

Countries around the world have developed a fascination for the Danish concept of Hygge, which has been tagged in nearly 7 million Instagram posts. However, while Hygge still remains hugely popular, a new Scandinavian lifestyle trend is on the rise — Lagom. Here Nick Cowley, managing director of manufacturer of uPVC windows Euramax, looks at the differences between the two interior concepts, and how each can be incorporated into home design.

Nick Cowley, managing director of manufacturer of uPVC windows, Euramax
Nick Cowley, managing director of manufacturer of uPVC windows, Euramax

Hygge describes a feeling, moment or atmosphere that is the epitome of contentment, cosiness, wellbeing and comfort. Sitting at home by a crackling fire sipping a hot drink would bring a sense of Hygge, for example.

With Denmark consistently considered one of the happiest countries, people across the globe have endeavoured to incorporate more Hygge into their everyday lives to feel a similar sense of joy and general satisfaction. Often, this sentiment is reflected in a home’s interior, or exterior, design.

But a new lifestyle trend is growing in popularity, known as Lagom. The Swedish concept of Lagom is the embodiment of moderation, which teaches that contentment and happiness will come from having just the right amount of everything — not too much and not too little.

While both lifestyle ideals relate to getting joy from the simpler things in life, they can have contrasting depictions in home design.

Hygge homes

Cosiness is at the core of Hygge, which can be created by combining a warm home interior with a variety of textures. Hygge homes take inspiration from the natural world, so materials such as wood, hessian, cotton and wicker all apply.

Warm neutral colours such as sandy beiges and deep browns create a calm and comforting atmosphere, replicating the tranquillity of a Scandinavian lodge. Textiles such as woven blankets and fluffy rugs, paired with wooden floors and soft lighting, all add to a warm and welcoming feeling.

Windows play an important role in Hygge home design, as they bring in natural light and display outdoor views. However, it’s important that the window frame complements the classic style of the room. Wood-effect uPVC windows are an ideal choice, as they provide the warm appearance of wood without the material’s associated maintenance and durability issues.

Wood can be susceptible to rotting, warping and insect infestation, and therefore requires regular treating, sanding and staining to continue looking new. uPVC on the other hand is weather and insect resistant, and only needs a mild wash to keep a clean and smart appearance, leaving more time to relax and socialise in the Hygge home.

Lagom locations


While cosiness lies at the heart of Hygge, Lagom focuses on minimalism. The concept teaches that happiness comes from living a balanced lifestyle in all aspects, by appreciating what you already have in contrast to the conventional desire to always want more.

This was demonstrated in Barclay’s and Cebr’s report Living Lagom – challenging perceptions of wealth, which found that Britons who increased the percentage of money they saved from their paycheck were happier than those who had an overall increased income.

In a time where living a fast paced lifestyle and a fascination with growth and consumption is the norm, Lagom is a refreshing alternative. This was reflected in home décor throughout 2020, where a calm and minimal home atmosphere provided a safe haven in the disruption of COVID-19.

Homes that embrace Lagom have only what is necessary, which provides an airy space without clutter. Lagom interiors generally have a much brighter and simpler look than Hygge homes, incorporating more whites and unembellished décor. As well as minimalism, Lagom homes embrace an influence from Swedish culture and sustainable living. This was reflected in Pinterest’s 2020 trends, where both international inspired décor and conscious consumption made the list.

Wondrous windows

Sustainability is a key value of Lagom living. For example, selecting uPVC for window frames is a more environmentally friendly choice as they have a high energy efficiency, and can be recycled up to ten times without deteriorating in quality or performance. A typical uPVC window lifespan is 35 years, but the ability to be repeatedly recycled allows this to extend the material’s lifecycle to 350 years overall.

Euramax supplies modern uPVC windows that are rated A for efficiency, providing a high level of insulation that reduces home energy usage. Choosing our solid grey or white window frames can give a clean and minimal look that fits with a Lagom aesthetic. We also manufacture window frames with a woodgrain effect that adds warmth and texture to Hygge interiors.

With 70 years in the manufacturing industry, Euramax has a wealth of experience in window frame materials, and can produce a range of window designs that fit a variety of interiors. Customers can choose from different frame and glass options, and take advantage of our made to measure service to find the perfect fit for their home.

Whether you favour the cosiness of Hygge or the minimalism of Lagom, Scandinavian trends look set to continue influencing home décor. By altering colours, textures and materials, homeowners can easily update their homes to incorporate the international trends that encourage a happier and more content lifestyle.


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