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Kingfisher says goodbye to another director

Published: 21 June 2017 - Fiona Garcia
Jean-Paul Constant has stepped down from his role at Kingfisher
Jean-Paul Constant has stepped down from his role at Kingfisher

B&Q parent confirms chief sales and retail operations officer John-Paul Constant will step down after less than a year in the role.

Kingfisher today confirmed Mr Constant’s departure but said it would not comment any further on the subject.

Mr Constant joined Kingfisher from Decathlon 10 months ago, taking up the role of chief sales and retail operations officer on the home improvement giant’s board.

His departure follows hot on the heels of news that Wesfarmers’ UK Bunnings operation has poached B&Q’s retail director. Damian McGloughlin resigned from his post at B&Q to take up the role of COO at the Australian DIY chain.

Much has been made in the media of the recent departures from Kingfisher and its B&Q business, following an announcement in April that B&Q CEO Michael Loeve was to step down after two years in the role. It was reported that Mr Loeve had taken the decision to leave the company because of “family reasons”, with plans to return home to Denmark. It was also revealed that Mr Constant to take on some of his workload and responsibilities in the weeks leading up to his departure.

Since then, Kingfisher announced that it has appointed Christian Mazauric, head of its Brico Depot operations in Romania, to run B&Q in the UK & Ireland. He will assume the role of CEO from July 1.

The latest news comes as Kingfisher continues with the five-year turnaround plan, One Kingfisher, put together and announced last year by group chief executive Véronique Laury. The transformation plan aims to deliver £500 million of profit uplift by year five, over and above ‘business as usual’.


11 August 2017 19:02:15

This company is getting worse. Been working for B&Q for 25 years and the cuts and the amount of work they expect from us in ridiculous. Stress levels amongst the staff are enormous and the company just do not care about their staff anymore.its all about profit. The managers no longer support the working ca's. Moral in many of the stores are absolutely shocking. Years ago I worked all my levels to level 5 and it got taken away and pay structure means I get no pay rise at all. This is not a company that look after there staff anymore and I would not recommend to any one I know to work for. A new starter is on the same pay as someone who has experience of the products and knowledge. Very unfair company to work for now.

01 August 2017 15:36:51
bq bob

After getting rid of level 4 & 5 staff, the experienced staff you would seek out for advice and who stood in for their line manager he was off, BQ are now introducing  supervisors AGAIN! To do the same thing for the same money but have now lost the experienced staff who would have done the role to save money! What is wrong with the leadership this company they are not fit to run the company! 


29 June 2017 21:24:29
bq bob

More redundancies in stores as they get rid of dedicated showroom staff and merge the role with goods inwards and are cutting the The person has to do the role

27 June 2017 17:16:40
bq bob

They have destroyed BQ it to be staff stayed for years and loyalty from  company bred loyalty from the staff.  Had so many staff with 10, 20,even 30 years service they knew BQ, knew the product and gave great customer service. Then all these new wiz kid directors replaced the old ones they ruined the company cut the pay of the loyal staff making them leave and now they jump the ship they sunk.

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