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B&Q retail director makes move to Bunnings

Published: 15 June 2017 - Fiona Garcia
Damian McGloughlin has resigned from B&Q "to take up a role with a competitor", says the company
Damian McGloughlin has resigned from B&Q and will take up the role of Bunnings COO  when he has finished gardening leave

Damian McGloughlin has resigned from his role as B&Q UK & Ireland retail director, and will take up the position of chief operating officer (COO) Bunnings

A B&Q spokesperson confirmed that Mr McGloughlin had resigned and told DIY Week that he is currently on gardening leave before "taking up a role with a competitor".

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Bunnings confirmed that Mr McGloughlin would be joining the group in the role of COO and "will be supporting managing director UK & Ireland, PJ Davis in the roll out of Bunnings Warehouse stores in the UK". They were unable to confirm his start date with the company at this stage.

Last month it was announced that B&Q had appointed Christian Mazauric, head of its Brico Depot operations in Romania, to run B&Q in the UK & Ireland. He will assume his new role from July 1.

Bunnings parent firm Wesfarmers, which acquired Homebase last February, is continuing the momentum of its pilot store roll out in the UK.

The latest 64,000sq ft Bunnings Warehouse opened in Hemel Hempstead on Friday June 9. It is the third store now trading in the UK, following openings of two stores in St Albans, and locations for five new sites have been revealed. The next outlet will take over the Snowdon Drive Homebase in Milton Keynes. This large store is reportedly a more similar size to the traditional Bunnings stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Wesfarmers has vowed to invest £500 million in expanding the Bunnings store network over the next three to five years and plans to have 10 Warehouses trading in the UK by the end of 2017.




20 June 2017 12:32:29
bq bob

To pay the 2% NLW increase this year BQ "reviewed" the location allowance paid to staff then in my store reduced it by 25p per hour! The staff given a pay rise for the second year in a row found themselves to have less in their pay packets than before the pay rise. BQ are a shameful company lacking in morals paying their CEO  millions plus bonus while reducing not increasing their staffs wages to fund the NLW. I work less than 30 hours a week but my pay next year will be £2500 a year less than this year bonus gone, Sunday pay gone, b/hol pay halved, location allowance reduced from 75p to 25p no pay rise for last 2 years no rise in next 3 years. 20 years of service rewarded by a kick in the teeth. New CEO multi million pay and rewards AND he keeps his bonus. Morally bankrupt company staff leaving, sales falling, experienced staff being replaced with cheap European workers unable to give customers advice and unable to give basic diy advice putting even more strain on experienced staff who are treated as disposable assets by management and treated with total disrespect and abuse. 3 sick episodes in a year and you are dismissed yet the stress is making people ill.

17 June 2017 18:18:36

Very true leaving en masse. Says something when the big boys start abandoning ship. Staff down customers down makes you wonder what's going on.......

16 June 2017 10:14:43
bq bob

BQ staff are leaving in droves and stores are finding it hard to recruit because of very poor reputation they have gained as an employer, cutting experienced staff wages by £2500 a year and replacing them with an awful lot of eastern Europeans, nice guys but poor understanding of UK diy and undercutting UK workers pay requirements as few have pensions and mortgages etc. Ceo has seen pay and bonus rise while sales and service slump.

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