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A little bit of faith

Don't be spooked, shoppers won't cancel Christmas. Those are the words of business services firm BDO after less than exciting retail sales in November. And, judging by the amount of money I've spent over the past few weeks, I'd say there's every reason to believe in BDO's prediction of a last-minute rush from shoppers.
13 December 2012

Lessons from John Lewis

Having seen John Lewis' brilliant new Christmas television ad for the first time last week ("It made me cry," someone in the office said, but meaning in a good way), I found myself having a conversation with a few friends about both John Lewis and Waitrose. It speaks volumes that no one touched on prices, products, location...all we were interested in finding out was whether anyone had actually ever had a bad experience in a JLP store.
19 November 2012

Missing the point?

While many topics and categories in our sector are determined by the calendar, the subject of point of sale and merchandising is something that is ultimately always relevant to our readers.
6 November 2012

Dear Digital...

Every month Beyond Analysis ceo Paul Alexander will offer advice and answer DIY Week readers' questions about how best to utilise the internet for your business.
22 October 2012

All the cool consumers are doing it...

"Yes, consumers are being more cautious - but that's trendy now, isn't it?" Those are the words on everyone's lips these days - whether from retailers being interviewed, a conference or presentation speaker, or a TV personality salivating over a bargain bin like it's a bucket of chicken.
9 October 2012

No damp spirits here

Yes, the summer has admittedly been a bit of a washout, but the wet weather doesn't seem to have dampened the spirits of the garden retailers and suppliers we spoke to for our recent garden market special.
20 September 2012

Mob rule ok?

It is quite likely that the term 'cash mob' is something you've not come across before but it's a trend that seems to be gathering pace on the UK's high streets and might be worth looking into.
23 August 2012

An Olympian effort

And so it begins...weeks on end of high drama, of nerve-jangling apprehension and nail-biting tension, of displays of human endeavour and endurance taken to the limit, of dreams of glory and, perhaps ultimately, of bitter frustrations and disappointments.
30 July 2012

Kingfisher's first half at a glance

B&Q's like-for-like sales in UK and Ireland in the first 23 weeks of the current year were down 5.6% compared with the same period the previous year. On the face of it, that's a pretty unimpressive figure.
25 July 2012

Room for everybody

So, the Robert Dyas sale saga has finally come to a conclusion, with the news that Ryman's owner and star of BBC's Dragon's Den Theo Paphitis has bought the retail chain. The businessman proudly announced the acquisition on his Twitter page, exclaiming: "I am in the ironmongery business!" However, he may get a bit of a surprise when he reviews the retailer's offer, as last time I checked, there wasn't a huge amount of ironmongery to be had.
19 July 2012

What do you think?

With all the extra social distancing measures retailers have been forced to put in place, floor planning, product positioning, creative merchandising and POS displays are more crucial than ever.
But which of the following product categories do you feel are the most challenging to merchandise?

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