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Recalls for fire- and shock-risk heater and adaptors

Published: 17 September 2012
A dangerous fan heater that caught fire while being used by a consumer has been recalled.
Recalls for fire- and shock-risk heater and adaptors
The Evatronic Chauffage Soufflant Iris heater comes in turquoise, green or white and is packaged in a mainly white cardboard box. The Chinese-made product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive or the relevant European standard EN 6033, and one incident of the product catching fire has already been reported.

The type and model numbers of the products affected are: FH802: 26574 (white), 26856 (light green), 26849 (turquoise) and 26889 (combination of three colours). Batch number/barcodes are: white, 3760170565742; light green, 3760170268569; turquoise, 3760170268491.

A number of travel adaptors have also been withdrawn from the market or recalled because they can give the user an electric shock.

The Universal travel adaptor branded TJ Morris - which trades as Home Bargains - can be inserted into a socket whilst the other live pins are exposed, is not provided with any shutters to protect against contact with live parts and has no provision for earthing. In addition, the appliance is not marked with a warning that it is suitable only for Class II appliances.

Also withdrawn because it can be inserted into a socket leaving live pins exposed is an unbranded Adaptor International All-in-one, a universal travel adaptor packed in individual boxes with a grey-coloured travel pouch. Brand, model number and barcode are unknown.

Another unbranded product, the white Universal plug adaptor has live parts that are accessible through the pin apertures, and the shutters can be operated by a single pin plug. There are no interlocks between the three types of plug pins and it is possible to have them all exposed at the same time. The adaptor also has no provision for earthing. One incident of electric shock from the product has been reported.

The product is No 931L, product reference CF04, item number 096610-76, barcode 56966105.

All the products are made in China.


26 March 2018 11:32:19

Thjis was still on sale in Home Bargains in January in 2018.

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