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Mellerud from Centurion continues sales growth

After an exciting first year, Mellerud from Centurion continues its drive to offer customers cost effective cleaning solutions in the UK. Mellerud sales grew at impressive rates throughout 2017 and look to grow even further throughout 2018. Mellerud ... 
18 January 2018

New website from BHETA goes live at Spring Fair

As part of its new website, which goes live at Spring Fair, BHETA is launching a comprehensive product, brand and supplier directory aimed at retail buyers. Called the Retailer Zone and featuring information from all suppliers who are BHETA members ... 
18 January 2018

Exclusive door furniture from A Perry

A Perry has launched Horizon, a range of high quality, exclusive door furniture. Created from premium solid forged brass components, with an incredible 25 year guarantee Perry have taken the traditional concept of a door handle and expanded it into ... 
18 January 2018

PlastiKote to display spray paint products at Spring Fair

PlastiKote is showcasing its spray paint products at Spring Fair, with an exciting lifestyle stand to show how to make the most of the living room and garden - and inspire your product choices for 2018. PlastiKote spray paint offers inspirational ... 
18 January 2018

A Perry launches new fire door ironmongery

Available now from A PERRY is the new Perry Shield range of CERTIFIRE approved and CE marked fire door Ironmongery such as hinges, locks and latches. The new Perry Shield range provides the perfect solution for architects, designers, manufacturers, ... 
18 January 2018

Amtech to launch new power tools at Spring Fair

Amtech is set to launch a new power tools range at Spring Fair inspired by changes it has seen in the home improvement and DIY sector, with a growing trend towards more light-side DIY projects to improve the look and feel of homes. This has been ... 
18 January 2018

Grow your own with the flower bridge grow house from Elho

Anyone can grow their own with the Green Basics Flower Bridge Grow House from Elho. The Flower Bridge fits quickly and easily over any balcony railing. Practical grips securely attach the Grow House, so there’s no chance of it blowing away. ... 
19 December 2017

New specialist primer from Coo-Var

Coo-Var manufacturers of paints, primers and specialised coatings launch their latest specialist primer: Shellac Prime-All. It is a heavy duty shellac based coating designed to block out difficult stains and odours on a range of different substrates.... 
19 December 2017

Prevent leaks with the Tec7 Plumb from Contech Buildings

Tec7 Plumb from Contech Buildings stops and prevents leaks in all open and closed heating systems. Tec7 Plumb’s unique formally ensures that it works instantly and unlike similar products in the market, says the company, it is guaranteed not to clog.... 
19 December 2017

New smart door lock from Yale

With the Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock from Yale, your smartphone is now your key. The Conexis L1 puts you fully in control of your door, allowing you to configure, control and unlock your door all from your smartphone via our Bluetooth low energy App. ... 
18 December 2017

Fast paint and varnish stripper from Paint Panther

Paint Panther has been designed to be a highly effective, incredibly fast paint and varnish stripper which will remove many types of coatings quickly and effortlessly, including metalised paint. It has a gel consistency which is ideal for vertical ... 
18 December 2017

Timbabuild finish from Chemfix

Timbabuild Finish from Chemfix is designed to aid the perfect finished surface to Timbabuild repairs. Finish is a two-part filler in a patented silicone tube designed to perfectly mix the filler and hardener ratio without effort. The mixed product ... 
18 December 2017

New chlorine-free mould killer spray from Centurion

The new Mellerud Chlorine Free Mould Killer Spray from Centurion has been shortlisted in the Tomorrow’s Cleaning Awards 2018.The high performance cleaner is designed to permanently kill and remove mould without bleaching, making it especially suited ... 
18 December 2017

Woodworm Killer from Barrettine

Nourish & Protect Woodworm Killer from Barrettine is a traditional, deep penetrating, low odour, oil/solvent based woodworm killer which prevents and exterminates woodworm and wood-boring insects from timber. It is ideal for treating furniture, ... 
18 December 2017

Barrettine launches new wood preserver

Barrettine's Nourish & Protect Wood Preserver is a high quality, low odour, oil/solvent based, deep penetrating preserver which is used for the protection against wood destroying fungi (wet rot), wood discolouring fungi and wood-boring insects. ... 
18 December 2017

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Stephanie Ferrante
Hello, could someone from customer service call me - I am located in the US and we have a moth/ carpet issue. I am going to purchase this ...

re: Tommy Walsh: 'I'm really proud of my £1 tools'

Gregory ciacci
paint brushes good but paint roller sponge keeps fallinf off as i am painting doesnt help if i am doing big front room wall like i have ...

re: B&Q overhauls kitchen and bathroom sales process

No BQ employees affected - how come???when they're unemployed and losing a wage.....derrrrr...

re: Kingfisher opens first net zero energy store

Guy Eames
well done kingfisher! I’m going to make this store my main diy supply base. Perfect example of where sustainability is a win-win. ...

re: The Range to take over Homebase store in Cardiff

susan way
please can you tell me when the new range will be open on culverhouse cross is please thank you...

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