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Amtech extends decorating range for the "light-side" DIY projects

Amtech, a DK Tools brand, continues to provide DIY shoppers with the right tools for the job with an extended decorating and accessories range which the company says is aligned to the current shift towards more light-side DIY projects. With an ... 
9 March 2018

New advertising campaign from Shurtape

The adhesive tape manufacturer, Shurtape is launching a high-profile advertising campaign for spring, to inspire homeowners and renters - and drive more traffic into stores. All three of the company’s leading brands are to be featured in its ninth ... 
9 March 2018

New BLADE range from Harris

It’s never been easier to try a new lick of paint, with the new BLADE range from Harris. The carefully selected, synthetic bristles BLADE technology tapers the brush head and guides the bristles to form a blade like tip, making it easier to achieve ... 
9 March 2018

CK Tools offer trade promotion for Hotbox 2018

CK Tools has launched its ever-popular annual Hotbox 2018 trade promotion. Now in its fifth successive year, Hotbox is running from February 1 to June 29, 2018, offering retailers 150 products, including proven sellers, core items, plus a selection ... 
9 March 2018

CK Tools launches new range of waterpump pliers

Adding to its already popular Waterpump Pliers products, hand tool brand CK Tools has launched a new range of C.K 3652 Push Button Waterpump Pliers, combining versatility, durability and strength, with the added benefit of a Push Button adjustment ... 
9 March 2018

STV introduces three new garden ambience products

STV, the specialist home and garden pest control product supplier has introduced three new amateur-use products to create a unique garden ambience. Garden torches from The Buzz come in two sizes, 1.1m and 1.6m. These decorative garden oil torches ... 
9 March 2018

Fiskars release new tree pruners

More than 365 years in manufacturing cutting tools means Fiskars’ new tree pruners, the Telescopic Tree Pruner UPX86, with a length of up to 6m, as well as the UPX82 that reaches a length of up to 3.5m, can only offer maximum precision and top ... 
9 March 2018

Grange Fencing unveils new garden products

Fencing and garden structures supplier, Grange Fencing marked its 150th year of business with a birthday party at this year’s Garden Press Event. As well as the anniversary celebrations, Grange showcased a number of new garden products, including ... 
9 March 2018

Creative Products has successful first year at Garden Press Event

Home and garden gadgets supplier, Creative Products is reporting a successful first year at Garden Press Event, with writers, editors and leading garden journalists showing an interest in the company’s refreshed packaging and product range. Products ... 
9 March 2018

Barrettine bug blaster reformulated

Barrettine’s Bug Blaster has been designed to be a trusted, reliable and effective insecticide-free spray and aerosol, it has now been reformulated to contain a water soluble polymer that acts with a physical mode of action. The liquid polymer ... 
9 February 2018

Barrettine launches new rodenticide range

Barrettine products has launched a new rodenticide range. The new range meets the updated regulations for amateur approved products, where new maximum individual pack regulations take effect from March 1, 2018. The products are also in line with the ... 
9 February 2018

"We have become market leaders in moth killing in just three years" says Acana

Acana says of its products: “The Acana range has been able to galvanise insight, innovation, creativity and investment. We have developed, launched & supported our products which have, in turn, created growth among our category in an ... 
9 February 2018

Acana tackles carpet moths with carpet & fabric moth killer and freshener

The Acana carpet & fabric moth killer & freshener is a licensed insecticide killing product, not just a repellent, says the company. The product works hand in hand with the new Acana carpet moth trap as an instant action killer for any moths,... 
9 February 2018

Acana release carpet moth trap & refill

The Acana carpet moth trap & refill are the latest addition to the company’s system of care moth range. It has been developed specially to attract and trap carpet moths without the use of harsh chemicals, and has the added benefit of also ... 
9 February 2018

Acana has a system of care for moth infestation

Acana has worked to established itself as a leader in moth products and the only brand that offers complete system of care. One product doesn’t solve everything when it comes to moth pest control, hence why the ordered use of the Acana system of ... 
9 February 2018

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re: Acana tackles carpet moths with carpet & fabric moth killer and freshener

Stephanie Ferrante
Hello, could someone from customer service call me - I am located in the US and we have a moth/ carpet issue. I am going to purchase this ...

re: Tommy Walsh: 'I'm really proud of my £1 tools'

Gregory ciacci
paint brushes good but paint roller sponge keeps fallinf off as i am painting doesnt help if i am doing big front room wall like i have ...

re: B&Q overhauls kitchen and bathroom sales process

No BQ employees affected - how come???when they're unemployed and losing a wage.....derrrrr...

re: Kingfisher opens first net zero energy store

Guy Eames
well done kingfisher! I’m going to make this store my main diy supply base. Perfect example of where sustainability is a win-win. ...

re: The Range to take over Homebase store in Cardiff

susan way
please can you tell me when the new range will be open on culverhouse cross is please thank you...

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