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STV introduces three new garden ambience products

STV, the specialist home and garden pest control product supplier has introduced three new amateur-use products to create a unique garden ambience. Garden torches from The Buzz come in two sizes, 1.1m and 1.6m. These decorative garden oil torches ... 
9 March 2018

Fiskars release new tree pruners

More than 365 years in manufacturing cutting tools means Fiskars’ new tree pruners, the Telescopic Tree Pruner UPX86, with a length of up to 6m, as well as the UPX82 that reaches a length of up to 3.5m, can only offer maximum precision and top ... 
9 March 2018

Grange Fencing unveils new garden products

Fencing and garden structures supplier, Grange Fencing marked its 150th year of business with a birthday party at this year’s Garden Press Event. As well as the anniversary celebrations, Grange showcased a number of new garden products, including ... 
9 March 2018

Creative Products has successful first year at Garden Press Event

Home and garden gadgets supplier, Creative Products is reporting a successful first year at Garden Press Event, with writers, editors and leading garden journalists showing an interest in the company’s refreshed packaging and product range. Products ... 
9 March 2018

Barrettine bug blaster reformulated

Barrettine’s Bug Blaster has been designed to be a trusted, reliable and effective insecticide-free spray and aerosol, it has now been reformulated to contain a water soluble polymer that acts with a physical mode of action. The liquid polymer ... 
9 February 2018

Barrettine launches new rodenticide range

Barrettine products has launched a new rodenticide range. The new range meets the updated regulations for amateur approved products, where new maximum individual pack regulations take effect from March 1, 2018. The products are also in line with the ... 
9 February 2018

"We have become market leaders in moth killing in just three years" says Acana

Acana says of its products: “The Acana range has been able to galvanise insight, innovation, creativity and investment. We have developed, launched & supported our products which have, in turn, created growth among our category in an ... 
9 February 2018

Acana tackles carpet moths with carpet & fabric moth killer and freshener

The Acana carpet & fabric moth killer & freshener is a licensed insecticide killing product, not just a repellent, says the company. The product works hand in hand with the new Acana carpet moth trap as an instant action killer for any moths,... 
9 February 2018

Acana release carpet moth trap & refill

The Acana carpet moth trap & refill are the latest addition to the company’s system of care moth range. It has been developed specially to attract and trap carpet moths without the use of harsh chemicals, and has the added benefit of also ... 
9 February 2018

Acana has a system of care for moth infestation

Acana has worked to established itself as a leader in moth products and the only brand that offers complete system of care. One product doesn’t solve everything when it comes to moth pest control, hence why the ordered use of the Acana system of ... 
9 February 2018

Tackling crawling insects since 1959

Dethlac Insecticidal Lacquer has been on the market since 1959 - almost a total of 60 years! Once sprayed, Dethlac dries to a hard clear film and is highly effective for months against ants, woodlice, cockroaches and other crawling insects.Dethlac ... 
9 February 2018

Sika Everbuild bags another award

Sika Everbuild was thrilled to receive its 10th award in eight years at the 2017 NBG Conference held at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre on November 14, receiving the second place award in the General Build Supplier of the Year category.The 10 awards ... 
9 February 2018

Dabitoff is back!

Dabitoff from Kilrock is back! The classic brand has been resurrected with four advanced formula new products in striking new packaging. The combination of high performance formulations and retro branding is likely to appeal to legions of loyal users.... 
9 February 2018

Kilrock revamps, reformulates and repackages new Dabitoff range

The classic Dabitoff brand has been resurrected with four advanced formula new products in striking new packaging. The combination of high performance formulations and retro branding is likely to appeal to legions of loyal users. The Dabitoff range ... 
23 January 2018

Wilsons offers an easy solution for mounting pictures with the 3m Command

With a 40% YOY growth in 2017, 3M Command is a fast-growing consumer brand that is now used by one in four households across the UK, as recent statistics by 3M reveal. Command products offer damage-free, quick and easy solutions for mounting ... 
18 January 2018

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B&Q bob
Screwfix sales are up because they position new stores close to B&Q stores but then price like for like products cheaper than within BQ ...

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B&Q bob
Wickes are not alone, Wrens kitchens has seen large numbers of unappreciated BQ kitchen sales staff join them because of BQs attitude ...

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Roger Bishop
This was my first visit to toolstation in farnham but it will definatly not be my last the service was exceptional staff were welcoming i ...

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B&Q bob
Ms Laury has overseen perhaps the worst period of BQ history under her leadership, staff have had their wages cut while witnessing their ...

re: Screwfix opens 600th store as business continues to build

B&Q bob
Why is kingfisher giving screwfix lower prices to sell at than their BQ stores? Staff in B&Q suffer constant abuse from trade customers ...

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