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Product News Archive April 2012

Bosch illuminates what lies beneath 23 April 2012
Bosch has safety in mind with its new PMD 10 multi detector.

A tool for every occasion from Dremel 23 April 2012
Dremel has redesigned its iconic 300 Series tool.

New launches at Cologne now available from Toolstream 23 April 2012
Exclusively at Cologne 2012, Triton unveiled its new Bench Top range of precision power tools, including the Wetstone Sharpener with high-grade diamond grindstone; oscillating spindle sander, and planer/thicknesser with 317mm cutting width.

New Toolstream catalogue 16 April 2012
Toolstream will be introducing more new brands and products than ever before in its new 2012 spring/summer catalogue.

Procter Pest-Stop preparing for mole control demand 16 April 2012
Procter Pest-Stop has had its Tunnel Mole Trap redesigned by the Guild of British Molecatchers to offer the latest in mole control for British lawns.


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re: B&Q sales dip 2.5%, as showroom sales decline

B&Q bob
Screwfix sales are up because they position new stores close to B&Q stores but then price like for like products cheaper than within BQ ...

re: B&Q kicks off kitchen & bathroom recruitment drive

B&Q bob
Wickes are not alone, Wrens kitchens has seen large numbers of unappreciated BQ kitchen sales staff join them because of BQs attitude ...

re: excels in Which? website survey

Roger Bishop
This was my first visit to toolstation in farnham but it will definatly not be my last the service was exceptional staff were welcoming i ...

re: Graham Bell to head up B&Q as part of Kingfisher reshuffle

B&Q bob
Ms Laury has overseen perhaps the worst period of BQ history under her leadership, staff have had their wages cut while witnessing their ...

re: Screwfix opens 600th store as business continues to build

B&Q bob
Why is kingfisher giving screwfix lower prices to sell at than their BQ stores? Staff in B&Q suffer constant abuse from trade customers ...

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