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Your serve 

If the customer is king, then convenience is one of the ways retailers swear their fealty. Making the sales process as simple, hassle-free and enjoyable as possible, is key to enhancing instore experience, thus driving loyalty and repeat footfall. Nowhere is this more true than at the tills.... Read entry
Posted by Will Parsons 28 July 2011 16:44:30 More from: Will Parsons' blog

The domino effect 

The Focus fallout has begun to reveal itself in earnest with the news that supplier Proteam has been forced into administration by the retailer's own woes.... Read entry
Posted by Will Parsons 16 June 2011 13:23:42 More from: Will Parsons' blog

Tool storage to tabletop 

There's no escaping the fact the catch all term 'home improvement' covers a very fragmented market. From DIY sheds, to cookshops, garden centres to grocers, everyone wants their slice of the home market. And, on the surface some products appear to have no relation whatsoever.... Read entry
Posted by Will Parsons 20 May 2011 12:13:12 More from: Will Parsons' blog

A civil partnership 

There can be very few people in the UK, and indeed in much of the rest of the world, who were unaware of the Royal Wedding last week.... Read entry
Posted by Will Parsons 06 May 2011 10:10:43 More from: Will Parsons' blog

Back up plan 

Back up. That’s not a polite request to someone standing a little too close, nor is it a helpful direction while helping someone to park. It’s a word of advice (well alright two). It’s me, adding my voice to the thousands of IT technicians for whom the words ‘back up’ are both a mantra and a mandate. Take heed, or be prepared to pay the price.... Read entry
Posted by Will Parsons 21 April 2011 10:03:36 More from: Will Parsons' blog

Don't be shy about retiring 

The news that, as of today (April 6), employers can no longer issue notices of intended retirement date, ahead of the change in legislation in October abolishing the default retirement age, is not without its problems.... Read entry
Posted by Will Parsons 06 April 2011 09:49:47 More from: Will Parsons' blog

Ready, set... grow! 

The season is upon us, and the months of preparation, purchasing and, let's face it, prayers, are about to come to a head in a golden window of sales opportunity.... Read entry
Posted by Will Parsons 23 March 2011 08:47:56 More from: Will Parsons' blog

A stock shock 

Never having had to manage a stockroom, it's perhaps difficult for me to fully empathise with DIY Week readers when it comes to the trials and tribulations of your back rooms.... Read entry
Posted by Will Parsons 24 February 2011 11:00:34 More from: Will Parsons' blog

Oranges are the only fruit... 

Walking the halls at Totally this week has thrown up a question - can anyone explain to me the connection between adhesives and animals? ... Read entry
Posted by Will Parsons 11 February 2011 13:43:08 More from: Will Parsons' blog

From groceries to gardening 

The Tesco Spring-Summer outdoor living press show last week was dominated by acid bright picnicware and fashion-led items such as coordinating deck chairs, cool bags, tableware and cushions (in a hibiscus flower print with two colour choices - blue and green or magenta and orange). However, there was also evidence of an emerging credible garden offer.... Read entry
Posted by Will Parsons 01 February 2011 09:52:08 More from: Will Parsons' blog
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